Hello there! I’m H. R. Relation – author, wife, homeschooling mom, Christian, glamper, and an adorable bunny’s human. Thanks so much for stopping by my home on the web.

The first novel in my upper middle-grade fantasy adventure will be available in February 2023 under H.R. Relation. It’s a long novel that should satisfy avid readers, like my daughter, whose input over the several years I’ve worked on this series has been invaluable. My aforementioned bunny, Freedom, is my furry muse for the series, and was the inspiration for the main character. I’ll be posting updates on my new release here (I’m waiting for my beta readers’ feedback at the moment), but in the meantime, if you’d like to browse through Freedom’s diary, you check out her blog at: www.travelingbunny.com.

I hope you have a blessed day!

Freedom and I